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Progressive / Other Genres : Tony Carey's Planet P Project - G.O.D.B.O.X. - Go Out Dancing [4CD Boxset] (2014)
Tony Carey's Planet P Project - G.O.D.B.O.X. [4CD] (2014)

Tony Carey's Planet P Project - G.O.D.B.O.X. - Go Out Dancing [4CD Boxset] (2014)

Country: Germany
Genre: Progressive Rock
Quality: [email protected] [CD-Rip + Scans]
Size: 593 Mb

1931 (Go Out Dancing Part.1)
01. My Radio Talks To Me
02. Join The Parade
03. Good Little Soldiers
04. Work (Will Make You Free)
05. The Judge And The Jury
06. The Other Side Of The Mountain
07. Waiting For The Winter
08. Believe It
09. The Things They Never Told Me
10. Where Does It Go
Bonus Tracks
11. The Red Rock
12. Artic When We Need You
13. Join The Parade (Rock Remix)

Levittown (Go Out Dancing - Part II)
01. New Frontier
02. Levittown
03. White Sands
04. Saw A Satellite
05. This Is Heaven
06. In Babylon
07. Fremont Street
08. Where We Want You
09. All God's Children
10. Waiting For You
11. Your Eyes
12. What We Did
13. Go Out Dancing
Bonus Tracks
14. Tailgunner Joe

Out In The Rain (Go Out Dancing - Part III)
01. Hallelujah
02. Out In The Rain
03. The Border Town
04. Peace In The Valley
05. This Is Your Life
06. A New Country
07. Rainmaker
08. Who Would Have Thought
09. Ransom Me
10. What I Did
11. We Will Be With You
12. Down On Me

The Bootleg (Go Out Dancing - Part IV)
01. 1931 (Belive It)
02. My Radio Talks To Me
03. A Sanitation Problem
04. The Others Side Of The Mountain
05. Good Little Soldiers
06. A Long Wat From Home
07. My Radio (Reprise)
08. The New The Frontier
09. Levittown
10. Thes Is Heaven
11. Tears
12. Out In The Rain
13. The SinsOf The Fathers
14. Go Out Dancing

CD-1 | CD-2 | CD-3 | CD-4
CD-1 | CD-2 | CD-3 | CD-4

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Tony Carey's Planet P Project - G.O.D.B.O.X. - Go Out Dancing [4CD Boxset] (2014) Tony Carey's Planet P Project - G.O.D.B.O.X. - Go Out Dancing [4CD Boxset] (2014)

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