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Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016)
Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016)

Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016)

Genre: Classic Rock / Hard Rock / Progressive Rock
Quality: mp3, CBR 320kbps
Country: UK

Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016)

CD1 - Acoustically Driven:
01. Introduction (Acoustically Driven)
02. Why Did You Go? (Acoustically Driven)
03. The Easy Road (Acoustically Driven)
04. Echoes In the Dark (Acoustically Driven)
05. Come Back to Me (Acoustically Driven)
06. Cross That Line (Acoustically Driven)
07. The Golden Palace (Acoustically Driven)
08. The Shadows and the Wind (Acoustically Driven)
09. Wonderworld (Acoustically Driven)
10. Different World (Acoustically Driven)
11. Circus (Acoustically Driven)
12. Blind Eye (Acoustically Driven)
13. Traveller In Time (Acoustically Driven)
14. More Fool You (Acoustically Driven)
15. Lady In Black (Acoustically Driven)
16. The Wizard/Paradise/Circle of Hands (Acoustically Driven)

CD2 - The Magician's Birthday Party:
01. Return to Fantasy (The Magician's Birthday Party)
02. Tales (The Magician's Birthday Party)
03. Sweet Pretender (The Magician's Birthday Party)
04. I'll Keep On Trying (The Magician's Birthday Party)
05. July Morning (The Magician's Birthday Party)
06. Paradise/The Spell (The Magician's Birthday Party)
07. Circle of Hands (The Magician's Birthday Party)
08. The Magician's Birthday (The Magician's Birthday Party)
09. Sympathy (The Magician's Birthday Party)
10. Free 'n' Easy (The Magician's Birthday Party)
11. Sunrise (The Magician's Birthday Party)
12. Easy Livin' (The Magician's Birthday Party)

CD3 - Live In The USA:
01. Easy Livin' (Live In The USA)
02. Stealin' (Live In The USA)
03. Rainbow Demon (Live In The USA)
04. I'll Keep On Trying (Live In The USA)
05. Heartless Land (Live In The USA)
06. The Other Side of Midnight (Live In The USA)
07. Return to Fantasy (Live In The USA)
08. Rain (Live In The USA)
09. The Wizard (Live In The USA)
10. Blind Eye (Live In The USA)
11. That's the Way That It Is (Live In The USA)
12. Magician's Birthday (Live In The USA)
13. Look At Yourself (Live In The USA)
14. Lady In Black (Live In The USA)

CD4 - Magic Night:
01. Easy Livin' (Magic Night)
02. Shadows of Grief (Magic Night)
03. Cry Freedom (Magic Night)
04. Pilgrim (Magic Night)
05. Bad Bad Man (Magic Night)
06. Devil's Daughter (Magic Night)
07. Wise Man (Magic Night)
08. Firefly (Magic Night)
09. Heartless Land (Magic Night)
10. Free Me (Magic Night)
11. The Wizard (Magic Night)
12. Love In Silence (Magic Night)
13. Been Away too Long (Magic Night)
14. Stealin' (Magic Night)
15. The Other Side of Midnight (Magic Night)

CD5 - Between Two Worlds:
01. Blood Red Roses (Between Two Worlds)
02. Cry Freedom (Between Two Worlds)
03. Rainbow Demon (Between Two Worlds)
04. So Tired (Between Two Worlds)
05. Words In the Distance (Between Two Worlds)
06. If I Had Time (Between Two Worlds)
07. A Year Or a Day (Between Two Worlds)
08. Between Two Worlds (Between Two Worlds)
09. When the War Is Over (Between Two Worlds)
10. Only the Young (Between Two Worlds)
11. Gypsy (Between Two Worlds)
12. Look At Yourself (Between Two Worlds)
13. July Morning (Between Two Worlds)

CD6 - Live In Sofia:
01. Between Two Worlds (Live In Sofia)
02. Only the Young (Live In Sofia)
03. Sunrise (Live In Sofia)
04. The Wizard (Live In Sofia)
05. July Morning (Live In Sofia)
06. Gypsy (Live In Sofia)
07. Easy Livin' (Live In Sofia)
08. Bird of Prey (Live In Sofia)
09. Look At Yourself (Live In Sofia)
10. Lady In Black (Live In Sofia)

Disc 1:

Disc 2:

Disc 3:

Disc 4:

Disc 5:

Disc 6:

6 Discs:
Also you can download Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016) here:

Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016) Uriah Heep - The Classic Rock Years (Box Set) (2016)


#1 Author: jacksonj (2 June 2016 18:48)
Wow! The first band I ever saw live! They're awesome! love

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