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For lovers of spectrograms
  Encoding settings. Lame Version - 3.99.5

The bit rate is the main factor affecting the quality. The higher the bit rate - the higher the quality. But in addition to the choice of bitrate, we have a choice of algorithms for best scale factors and Huffman coding.

-q 0: use the slowest and the highest quality algorithms. -q -q 0 and 1 are slow and can not provide a significant increase of quality.

-q 2: recommended. Similarly -h key.

-q 5: good speed, reasonable quality.

-q 7: Same key -f. Very fast encoding of acceptable quality. Psychoacoustics is used to pre-echoes and M / S, the noise masking is not performed.

9 -q disables almost all algorithms including psychoacoustic model. Low quality.

This is theory. How it looks on spectrograms:

Source - This album. Flac with scans --> mp3

q0 - highest quality.

For lovers of spectrograms

-q 5 -reasonable quality

For lovers of spectrograms

q9 - Low quality.

For lovers of spectrograms

One More - this album

q0 - highest quality.

For lovers of spectrograms

q9 - Low quality.

For lovers of spectrograms

As you can see the "beautiful" spectras and good quality - this is not one and the same
If you do not trust me, You can conduct an experiment themselves. It is not so difficult.

P.S. You can read official lame offsite and authoritative hydrogenaudio sources. They can help you.
Also you can download For lovers of spectrograms :

For lovers of spectrograms For lovers of spectrograms

Upgrade to Turbo


#1 Author: getmetal (2 July 2016 18:25)
Quote: spogghi
The best way of learning this is reading this page:

I do not like this article, why not show the difference coding for different encoder settings. I say about 320 kbps. Other quality (like 256, 192, 128) not intereting because it will update till maximum - 320 kbps.

#2 Author: jakmak (3 July 2016 01:12)
FLAC. All day every day! wink

MP3 should always be -q0 @ 320KB.
No reason to do it any other way. File size doesn't matter anymore with cheap ass Terabyte hard drives available.

#3 Author: kgirlx (4 July 2016 02:04)
jakmak, you have said it. Whats the point of releasing all these deluxe and every other special editions, and then take all the sound out of it by compressing the piss out of it. Storage is so cheap, no reason to go anything less than FLAC, at least have FLAC as 1 option for those that want it. Thank You.

#4 Author: sam420 (24 April 2018 16:57)
can i have link for society's plague-the human the canvas

i be really greatfull

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