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Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (2017)
Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (2017)

Artist: Nidingr
Album: The High Heat Licks Against Heaven
Country: Norway
Genre: Black / Death Metal
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps (Flac-Rip) / FLAC (tracks)


CD 01:
01. Hangagud
02. Surtr
03. The Ballad Of Hamther
04. On Dead Body Shore
05. Gleipnir
06. Sol Taker
07. Ash Yggdrasil
08. Heimdalargaldr
09. Valkyries Assemble
10. Naglfar Is Loosed

Also you can download Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (2017) here:

Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (2017) Nidingr - The High Heat Licks Against Heaven (2017)


#1 Author: test0r (8 February 2017 20:38)
isnt that the symbol that ukrainian fascists use?

#2 Author: getmetal (8 February 2017 20:45)
Quote: test0r
isnt that the symbol that ukrainian fascists use?

you can ask it from the artists.

Or ukrainian fascists are fans of this band ) lol

#3 Author: alexvenger (9 February 2017 00:47)
awesome! thanks Getmetal !

#4 Author: WantedAssassin (9 February 2017 18:17)
thanks a ton

#5 Author: Tentaclz12 (9 February 2017 21:08)

#6 Author: imdead (10 February 2017 21:31)
psycroptic have a similar artwork too... in the end, it's all about the music.

#7 Author: Slay You All (11 February 2017 23:45)
comment deleted by admin.

Group: Administrator - If fascists are using the alphabet does it then make the alphabet fascist?

#8 Author: test0r (12 February 2017 23:38)
it's a difference if ppl use runes that have been around for thousands of years or if you choose one symbol in a specific form ("wolfsangel") that has (to my knowledge) not been widely used and did not have a greater symbolic meaning until units or collaborators of the 3rd reich widely used it. we may have to ask the band.. the symbol is at least in germany forbidden..

don't get me wrong I dont like censorship of symbols or stuff at all. just in this case it looked like "hey were a fascist band", but maybe they dont even know and took just the two letters NI together for their band's name..

#9 Author: Bob (13 February 2017 12:26)
Also known as: Wolf's Hook, Dopplehaken

The Wolfsangel is an ancient runic symbol that was believed to be able to ward off wolves.

Historically, it appeares in Europe in many places as boundary marker and "forestry symbol" and used in heraldic in the coats of arms of various towns; there is even a German city called Wolfsangel and a French town of Wolfisheim, in the Alsace region of France has a "Wolfsangel" in its coat of arms.

It was also thought as a symbol to bring luck and contain magic.

No one seems to care a shit about gangster rap, drug dealing pimps showing of guns and golden teeth! How come a symbol is so monstrous compared to thugs showing of their guns and rap about killing like it?s cool?

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