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Angelus Lucifer - Risen (2017)
Angelus Lucifer - Risen (2017)

Angelus Lucifer - Risen (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Heavy / Dark Metal
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps

1.Judgement Day
4.Wrath & Attrition
5.Lord Of The Harvest
6.Empire Of Fire
9.Lucifer Imperium
10.Dampyre Infernum
11.Rise Luciferi Rise

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Also you can download Angelus Lucifer - Risen (2017) here:

Angelus Lucifer - Risen (2017) Angelus Lucifer - Risen (2017)

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#1 Author: Ozzy (20 September 2017 17:39)
AngelusLucifer is the most amazing singer I have ever heard he surpasses , Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden and Geoffe Tate of Queensryche his vocal style and music is truly amazing I found myself wondering who or what is this I feel I have experienced a Divine intervention.The Metal world has to take Notice AngelusLucifer has truly Risen I can't wait to hear what else he has to offer we are Entranced.

#2 Author: MetalMachine (23 September 2017 03:10)
WoW this guy has an amazing range and I heard he does all of the instruments and writing that's Amazing I found myself having all my metal styles being statusfield their Heavy Dark Metal, Progressive, gothic industrial, Black Metal , Power Metal everything and to make it even better i had the chance to join him in collabs in Smule he is really there and down to Earth . All of the Big name bands have nothing on him I can't wait to see his show and hear more of what he has to offer.

#3 Author: Metal angel (23 September 2017 03:12)
Wow! Whoever signs this incredible singer is going to make a fortune and revolutionise the music industry! am absolutely breathtaking! Such presence, incredible talent, and an amazing chameleon voice. Better than all signed singers combined. I expect to see this take off and become huge. Everyone should know AngelusLucifer's name. He will take his rightful place in metal music now! I feel i am actually listening to the angel Lucifer sing. Captivating wink

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