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Lostprophets - The Fake Sound Of Progress (2000)
Lostprophets - The Fake Sound Of Progress (2000)

Lostprophets - The Fake Sound Of Progress (2000)

Country: United Kingdom
Genre: Nu-Metal
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue+covers) / MP3 CBR 320 kbps


01. Obscure Intro
02. Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja
03. The Fake Sound of Progress
04. [Interlude]
05. Five Is a Four Letter Word
06. ...And She Told Me to Leave
07. [Interlude 2]
08. Kobrakai
09. The Handsome Life of Swing
10. [Interlude 3]
11. A Thousand Apologies
12. Still Laughing
13. [Interlude 4]
14. For Sure
15. Awkward
16. Ode to Summer

The Fake Sound of Progress (stylized as thefakesoundofprogress) is the debut studio album by the Welsh rock band Lostprophets, originally released on 27 November 2000 through Visible Noise. The album would be released in 2001 by Columbia Records and was met with stronger sales numbers around the world. This is the only album to feature DJ Stepzak although he was only in the original version, and the first album to have Jamie Oliver although he was only in the remastered version.

The album peaked at number 186 on the Billboard 200, selling over 120,000 copies in the United States alone, and reached high positions on charts worldwide. Two singles were released from the album: "Shinobi vs. Dragon Ninja" and "The Fake Sound of Progress"; these singles helped Lostprophets reach mainstream popularity. In 2010, the album was certified platinum by the BPI in the United Kingdom.

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Lostprophets - The Fake Sound Of Progress (2000) Lostprophets - The Fake Sound Of Progress (2000)

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#1 Author: abd (19 July 2017 22:57)
disguisted to see you make promotion for this band. The singer is juste a bien shit. rape of babies and litle girls..

big shit*

#2 Author: danny (20 July 2017 00:13)
the singer is a horrible evil fuckhole no doubt but i still enjoy the bands music so stfu

#3 Author: stanger (20 July 2017 00:20)
was just gonna say the same thing as #1,
just in case people didn't know.

#4 Author: Xitrez (20 July 2017 02:58)
I just do not understand - what does all of the above have to the music, which, in fact, is accepted here to discuss?


#5 Author: shame (20 July 2017 07:59)
delete this shit!! thrown all cd's away... such a shame!

#6 Author: Siphon (21 July 2017 20:29)
Quote: Xitrez
I just do not understand - what does all of the above have to the music, which, in fact, is accepted here to discuss?

Music is very personal. This was the creative outlet of someone who likes to rape babies. It matters.

#7 Author: correcting_the_stupid (22 July 2017 05:01)
So other members of the band had nothing to do with creating the music? You act as if this was a one-man project. How about you stop listening to the bands whose members support the current U.S. President who thinks sexually assaulting women is okay? No? Then shut the hell up.

#8 Author: Siphon (22 July 2017 16:55)
Yes, it was about time someone dragged Trump into this. Took you long enough.

I should shut up because I'm appalled by this persons actions towards children..? It may not have been the whole band but that does not quite make it okay, no..?

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