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Operation: Mindcrime - The New Reality (Japanese Edition) (2017)
Operation: Mindcrime - The New Reality (Japanese Edition) (2017)

Artist: Operation: Mindcrime
Album: The New Reality (Japanese Edition)
Country: United States
Genre: Progressive Metal, Rock
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps (HQ)
Release Date: 01 Dec, 2017


CD 01:
01. A Head Long Jump
02. Wake Me Up
03. It Was Always You
04. The Fear
05. Under Control
06. The New Reality
07. My Eyes
08. A Guitar In Church?
09. All For What?
10. The Wave
11. Tidal Change
12. The Same Old Story
13. Take Hold Of The Flame (Japan Bonus Track)

Line Up:
John Moyer - Bass (Blaze Bayley (live), Art of Anarchy, Disturbed, The Foundry, ex-Adrenaline Mob, ex-Queensrÿche (live), ex-Soak, ex-The Union Underground)
Simon Wright - Drums (Hellion, ex-Aurora, ex-Dio, ex-Tora Tora, ex-A-II-Z, ex-Queensrÿche, Big Noize, Dio Disciples, ex-Tytan, ex-Tim Ripper Owens (live), ex-AC/DC, ex-Black 13, ex-Rhino Bucket, ex-UFO)
Brian Tichy - Drums (T&N, Theodore Ziras, ex-Pride & Glory, ex-Queensrÿche (live), S.U.N., Sweet & Lynch, Tak Matsumoto Group, ex-Vinnie Moore, ex-Ozzy Osbourne (live), ex-Aluminum Jew, ex-Ana Sidel, ex-B'z, ex-Ball, ex-Billy Idol, ex-Foreigner, ex-Gilby Clarke, ex-Kenny Wayne Shepherd, ex-Lynch Mob, ex-Nicklebag, ex-Shaw/Blades, ex-Stevie Salas, ex-The Dead Daisies, ex-TMG, ex-Whitesnake, ex-Aerosmith (live), ex-Glenn Hughes (live), ex-Sass Jordan (live), ex-Seether (live), ex-Slash's Snakepit (live), ex-The Guess Who (live), ex-Velvet Revolver (live))
Scott Moughton - Guitars, Vocals (ex-Geoff Tate (live))
Kelly Gray - Guitars, Vocals (Geoff Tate, ex-Queensrÿche, ex-Queensrÿche, ex-Myth, ex-Slave to the System)
Randy Gane - Keyboards (Geoff Tate, ex-Queensrÿche, ex-Queensrÿche (live), ex-Myth)
Geoff Tate - Vocals, Keyboards, Saxophone (Geoff Tate, Avantasia (live), ex-Hear 'n Aid, ex-Queensrÿche, ex-The Mob, ex-Queensrÿche, ex-Babylon, ex-Myth, ex-Tyrant)



Also you can download Operation: Mindcrime - The New Reality (Japanese Edition) (2017) here:

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#1 Author: slave1 (21 November 2017 17:51)
Any chance of a FLAC? Thanks.

#2 Author: Pepa (21 November 2017 17:53)
ty pi?o d?ky super

#3 Author: getmetal (21 November 2017 17:57)
Quote: slave1
Any chance of a FLAC? Thanks.

No. Release Date: 01 Dec, 2017

#4 Author: krakendasmares (22 November 2017 21:54)

#5 Author: Klyx (28 November 2017 18:15)
This is the 3rd & last album.
They split of after this.

#6 Author: Klyx (28 November 2017 18:16)
This is the 3rd & last album.
They split of after this.

#7 Author: slave1 (2 December 2017 05:11)
Still hoping for a FLAC.

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