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Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017)
Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017)

Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017)

Country: USA
Genre: Ambient / Post-Rock / Post-Metal
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps (scene)

Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017)

01. The Absent Divine (Intro)
02. And So The Lord Takes I: Deep Calls To Deep
03. And So The Lord Takes II: Victoriam Mortis
04. And So The Lord Takes III: The Malady Of Hope
05. And So The Lord Takes IV: Light Denounced
06. Upon Life's Gravity I: Awake To The Brevity Of Life
07. Upon Life's Gravity II: The Spectacle Of Human Labor
08. Upon Life's Gravity III: Dust Hymn (The Great Burden Of Existence)
09. Saturn, The Teacher I: In The Sight Of A Merciless God
10. Saturn, The Teacher II: Guang Xu
11. Saturn, The Teacher III: Oh Jesus, How Wondrously We Bo
12. The Woven Frame I: The Weight Of Hours
13. The Woven Frame II: To Know Dust Is To Know Wisdom
14. The Woven Frame III: When The Unseen Is Loved
15. The Woven Frame IV: Death, The Edgeless Country
16. The Woven Frame V: Beauty Is Eternity, The Mirror
17. Nostos I: The Fragility Of Courage
18. Nostos II: In The Roar Of Waterfalls
19. Nostos III: Nascent Day
20. Nostos IV: The Passing Away Of Seas And Former Things
21. Nostos V: You

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Also you can download Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017) here:

Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017) Crawl Across The Sky - The Silent God (2017)

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