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Alcatrazz - Born Innocent [Japanese Edition] (2020)
Alcatrazz - Born Innocent [Japanese Edition] (2020)

Artist: Alcatrazz
Album: Born Innocent
Country: United States
Genre: Heavy Metal, Shred
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps (CD-Rip) + Scans / FLAC (img.cue.log) + Scans


1. Born Innocent
02. Polar Bear
03. Finn McCool
04. We Still Remember
05. London 1666
06. Darkness Awaits (bonus)
07. Dirty Like The City
08. I Am The King
09. Reality (bonus)
10. Something That I Am Missing
11. Paper Flags
12. The Wound Is Open
13. Body Beautiful
14. Warth Lane
15. For Tony

Graham Bonnet - Voice
Joe Stump - Guitars
Jimmy Waldo - Keyboards
Gary Shea - Bass
Mark Benquechea - Drums

Produced by Giles Lavery & Jimmy Waldo
Mixed and Mastered by Andy Haller

All lyrics and vocal melodies by Graham Bonnet,
except London 1666" lyrics and vocal melodies by Giles Lavery

Guests on the album:
Chris Impellitteri wrote the music and played all guitars on Born Innocent
Nozomu Wakai wrote the music and played all guitars on Finn McCool"
(except the end solo which is played by Joe Stump)
D Kendall Jones co-wrote the music and played all guitars on We Still Remember"
Bob Kulick wrote the music and played rhythm guitars
/ clean pre-chorus guitars on I Am The King (also rhythms and the solo by Joe Stump)
Dario Mollo wrote the music and played all guitars on Something That I Am Missing
and Warth Lane
Don Van Stavern of Riot played bass on Born Innocent,
Polar Bear Finn McCool London 1666 Dirty Like The City and Paper Flags
Additional bass where needed by Andy Haller
Steve Vai wrote the music for Dirty Like The City
Bob Kulick wrote the music for and played additional guitar on The Wound Is Open
(Main guitars and solo by Joe Stump)
Jeff Waters of Annihilator plays the second solo on Paper Flags
Steve Mann played brass on For Tony
JoAnn Waldo Female voice on 'Dirty Like The City'

Management: Giles Lavery
Background vocals on Dirty Like The City by Duke Linoleum & The Reversers
Background vocals on The Wound Is Open" by the Antelopes Of Desire.


Alcatrazz - Born Innocent [Japanese Edition] (2020)
If you have some problems with download links read this

Also you can download Alcatrazz - Born Innocent [Japanese Edition] (2020) here:

Alcatrazz - Born Innocent [Japanese Edition] (2020) Alcatrazz - Born Innocent [Japanese Edition] (2020)

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#1 Author: Guerra (Brazil) (31 July 2020 00:20)
Thank you ! ! !

#2 Author: mfersa7 (2 August 2020 19:30)

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