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David Paich (Toto) - Forgotten Toys (2022) CD Scans
David Paich (Toto) - Forgotten Toys (2022) CD Scans

Artist: David Paich
Album: Forgotten Toys
Country: United States
Genre: Rock
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps (CD-Rip) + Scans / FLAC (img.cue.log) + Scans
Publisher: The Players Club [TPC76792]


01. Forward (00:31)
02. David Paich, Steve Lukather & Joseph Williams - Willibelongtoyou (04:19)
03. David Paich & Steve Lukather - Spirit of the Moonrise (04:52)
04. First Time (05:05)
05. David Paich & Don Felder - Queen Charade (04:26)
06. All the Tears That Shine (05:22)
07. Lucy (04:31)


David Paich (Toto) - Forgotten Toys (2022) CD Scans
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Also you can download David Paich (Toto) - Forgotten Toys (2022) CD Scans here:

David Paich (Toto) - Forgotten Toys (2022) CD Scans David Paich (Toto) - Forgotten Toys (2022) CD Scans

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#1 Author: getmetal (18 August 2022 11:05)
If youve listened to music in the last 50 years, you were likely hearing David Paich. Besides being the co-founder of iconic rockband Toto, he has contributed to more than 2,000 albums. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and David is one of its architects. With his diverse catalogue, he has been kicking around song ideas for a solo album for some time. The COVID lockdown presented Paich the opportunity to revisit those songs and the result is a collection of tunes that he has carried in his head for years. For as much as it may be a solo album, Paich couldnt help but invite a few friends to play. Joined by Joseph Williams as co-producer and sometimes co-vocalist, he welcomed everyone, from Totos Steve Lukather to Brian Eno, Michael McDonald, Ray Parker Jr., Don Felder and Steve Jordan of The Rolling Stones.
Source: Mascot

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