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Blut aus Nord - Lovecraftian Echoes (2022)
Blut aus Nord - Lovecraftian Echoes (2022)

Artist: Blut aus Nord
Album: Lovecraftian Echoes
Country: France
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Avant-garde, Black, Industrial Metal, Dark Ambient
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps


CD 01:
01. Nyarlathotep (05:59)
02. Hypnos (06:10)
03. The Tomb (05:31)
04. The Abyss Between The Stars (06:44)
05. Weird Harmonies From Celephaïs (04:40)
06. Grotesque Visions (05:46)

Created as a collaboration between DMP and BLUT AUS NORD, the Order of Outer Sounds was a subscriber-only forum and collective hub which ran over two year-long seasons between February 2020 and February 2022.

Fostering an uplifting sense of community based around the hallucinogenic hellscapes of BLUT AUS NORD, the Order provided the artists with an inventive new playground for experimentation, and a place in which to conjure the cosmic dimensions of Lovecraft via the darkest, most obscure side of their music.

The 6 bespoke tracks comprising "Lovecraftian Echoes" were unveiled in instalments during Season 2 of the forum between April 2021 and February 2022 and were recorded/mixed by Vindsval at Earthsound studio.

Due to their unearthly quality and thematic coherence the tracks are now available to non-Order members in digital format. It must be emphasised that this is NOT the new BLUT AUS NORD album but instead a compilation of custom-made pieces continuing the musical exploration started in 2003 with "The Work Which Transforms God".

The music contained in "Lovecraftian Echoes" has been described variously by OoOS acolytes as: "glorious anthems to the Great Old Ones", "mesmerising", "nightmarish", "beyond frightening", "subterranean", and "madness!

If you have some problems with download links read this

Also you can download Blut aus Nord - Lovecraftian Echoes (2022) here:

Blut aus Nord - Lovecraftian Echoes (2022) Blut aus Nord - Lovecraftian Echoes (2022)

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#1 Author: GodsColdHands (2 October 2022 15:01)
thanks a lot.!!

#2 Author: mortuus (2 October 2022 16:22)

#3 Author: mortuus (2 October 2022 16:24)

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