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Curse Of Cain - Curse Of Cain (2023)
Curse Of Cain - Curse Of Cain (2023)

Artist: Curse Of Cain
Album: Curse Of Cain
Band from: Sweden
Genre: Modern Metal
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps / FLAC 16-44 (tracks)


01. The Mark (5:42)
02. Alive (4:26)
03. Embrace Your Darkness (4:05)
04. Blame (5:07)
05. Hurt (4:56)
06. Never See The Light Again (6:01)
07. The Ground (3:19)
08. Dead And Buried (3:32)
09. Blood The End (4:25)

320 / FLAC
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Also you can download Curse Of Cain - Curse Of Cain (2023) here:

Curse Of Cain - Curse Of Cain (2023) Curse Of Cain - Curse Of Cain (2023)

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#1 Author: getmetal (11 May 2023 21:16)
The stories of CURSE OF CAIN are set in a dystopian futuristic time and revolve around a troupe of lepers who travel around the world playing shows in order to pursue their main goal unnoticed: To save the world and clean it from nasty parasites infecting humanity - welcome to the future of 2076...

This unique project creates a complete cinematic universe with many characters telling us ominous cyberpunk stories in music, film and images. The album opens the fate of a character named Cain. We are in the middle of the post-Red War era in 2076, where we can closely follow the struggles of the band and Cain.

This debut album, mixed and mastered by Alexander Backlund, is the first of many chapters in the band's history and tells the beginning of all the legends: How Cain became what he is and the battles he must fight to secretly save humanity.

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