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Golden Ashes - In the Lugubrious Silence of Eternal Night (2020)
Golden Ashes - In the Lugubrious Silence of Eternal Night (2020)

Artist: Golden Ashes
Album: In the Lugubrious Silence of Eternal Night
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal, Drone
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps

CD 01:
01. As Sacred Bodies Wither into Nothingness (04:01)
02. Let Death Stalk My Enemies, Let the Grave Swallow Them Alive (05:05)
03. Amongst the Mossy Tombs (04:37)
04. When Every Word Uttered Is as Whip Cuts into Flesh (03:58)
05. From Grace into Utter Ruin (05:09)
06. In the Lugubrious Silence of Eternal Night (04:08)
07. Black Tongue Mouths Murmur Black Prayers (04:26)
08. Death Came with the Golden Dusk (04:16)

Maurice de Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues, etc.)

Golden Ashes - Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer (2019)
Golden Ashes - Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer (2019)

Golden Ashes - Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer (2019)

Country: Netherlands
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal / Drone
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps / FLAC (tracks)

1. The All Consuming Light Of Eternal Death (05:02)
2. Sweltering And Swarming Towards Infinity (03:17)
3. Gold Are The Ashes Of The Restorer (04:07)
4. The Uniform Sombreness (04:16)
5. Drifting Slowly Through The Portal Of Sorrow Towards The Void Of Death (04:14)
6. Wanderer Of The Eternal Forest (05:22)
7. Seven Bodies Before I Reach Divinity (04:24)
8. The Charred Gates Of Benevolence (04:56)

Line Up:
Maurice De Jong - All instruments, Vocals (Black Mouth Of Spite, Caput Mortuum, Cloak Of Altering, De Magia Veterum, Gnaw Their Tongues, Grand Celestial Nightmare, Hagetisse, Malorum, Obscuring Veil, Pyriphlegethon, The Black Mysteries, ex-Astral, ex-Atrocious, ex-Soulwound, ex-The Nefarious Cult, ex-Cauteror, ex-Ophiuchus, Aderlating, It Only Gets Worse, Mors Sonat, Offerbeest, Pompidou, Seirom, ex-Dimlit Hate Cellar, ex-Temple Of Will)

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