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Blackmores Night - A Knight In York (2012)
Blackmores Night - A Knight In York (2012) [DVDRip]

Blackmores Night - A Knight In York (2012)

Artist: Blackmore's Night
Country: UK
Album: A Knight In York
Genre: Medieval Folk Rock
Year Of Release: 2012
Quality: .avi
Video: 512x288 (1.78:1), 29.970 fps, DivX Codec 5.x or 6.x ~1458 kbps avg
Audio: 48 kHz, MPEG Layer 3, 2 ch, ~192.00 kbps avg
Size: 1,06 Gb

01. Locked Within The Crystal Ball
02. Gilded Cage
03. The Circle
04. Journeyman
05. World Of Stone
06. The Peasants Promise
07. Toast To Tomorrow (with Bad Romance part by Lady Gaga)
08. Fires At Midnight (with guitar solo by Blackmore)
09. Barbara Allen
10. Darkness
11. Dance Of The Darkness
12. Dandelion Wine
13. All The Fun Of The Fayre
14. First Of May (Bee Gees cover)

Time: 01:31:18

Green Bullfrog - The Green Bullfrog Sessions (1971)
Green Bullfrog - The Green Bullfrog Sessions (1971)

Green Bullfrog - The Green Bullfrog Sessions (1971)

Artist: Green Bullfrog
Country: UK
Album: The Green Bullfrog Sessions
Genre: Hard Rock, Blues Rock
Year Of Release: 1971
Quality: mp3 320kbps | Wv (image + .cue)
Size: 105.49 MB | 257,58 MB

1 Ain't Nobody Home (Ragavoy) Previously unreleased.
2 Bullfrog (Lawrence) Written by Blackmore but
credited to Lawrence due to contractual reasons
3 Walk A Mile In My Shoes (South)
4 My Baby Left Me (Crudup)
5 Makin' Time (Pickett/Philips)
6 Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Price)
7 I'm A Free Man (Klingman)
8 Lovin' You Is Good For My Baby
9 I Want You (White)
10 Louisiana Man (Kershaw) Previously unreleased.
11 Who Do You Love? (McDaniels) Previously unreleased

Time: 46:29

Boots (Ritchie Blackmore) - guitar
Speedy (Ian Paice) - drums
Pinta (Albert Lee) - guitar
Sorry (Matthew Fisher) - keyboards
Bevy (Tony Ashton) - keyboards
Vicar (Rod Alexander) - guitar
Sleepy (Chas Hodges) - bass
Jordan (Earl Jordan) - vocals
Boss (Big Jim Sullivan) - guitar

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Live In Rockpalast (1995)
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Live In Rockpalast (1995) [DVDRip]

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Live In Rockpalast (1995)

Artist: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Country: UK
Album: Live In Rockpalast
Genre: Hard Rock
Year Of Release: 1995
Quality: .avi
Video: DivX, 1765 kbps, 704x528
Audio: MP3, 192 kbps, 2ch
Size: 1,37Gb

Recorded live at Philipshalle, Dusseldorf 09.10.1995

01. Spotlight Kid
02. Too Late For Tears
03. Long Live Rock n Roll
04. Black Night
05. Huntinh Humans
06. Wolf To The Moon
07. Beethoven
08. Still I'm Sad
09. Man On The Silver Mountain
10. The Temple Of The King
11. Black Masquerade
12. Ariel
13. Since You've Been Gone
14. Perfect Strangers
15. Sixteen Century Greensleeves
16. Hall Of The Mountain King
17. Burn
18. Smoke On The Water

Time: 01:39:53

Ritchie Blackmore (gtr)
Chuck Burgi (drm)
Paul Morris (kbr)
Greg Smith (bss)
Doogie White (vcl)
Candice Night (bvc)

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