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Pestilence - Hadeon (2018)
Pestilence - Hadeon (2018)

Artist: Pestilence
Album: Hadeon
Country: Netherlands
Genre: Progressive Death Metal
Quality: Mp3, CBR 320 kbps (Flac-Rip) / FLAC (tracks)


CD 01:
01. Unholy Transcript
02. Non Physical Existent
03. Multi Dimensional
04. Oversoul
05. Materialization
06. Astral Projection
07. Discarnate Entity
08. Subvisions
09. Manifestations
10. Timeless
11. Ultra Demons
12. Layers of Reality
13. Electro Magnetic

If you have some problems with download links read this

Also you can download Pestilence - Hadeon (2018) here:

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#1 Author: albert old metalhead (24 December 2017 11:26)
i find 320kbps hadeon.

#2 Author: getmetal (24 December 2017 14:49)
Quote: albert old metalhead
i find 320kbps hadeon.

320 is transcode.

#3 Author: Hammerheart Records (24 December 2017 16:00)
Please remove this album from your illegal downloads. Thanks!

#4 Author: Albert (24 December 2017 17:00)
Hammerheart records , you are not in position to limit freedom of internet , so
This is piracy site with all ilegal its funny to demand anything??????

#5 Author: kris (24 December 2017 23:33)
thank you (megathx for the RapidGatorlink!)

#6 Author: tompa (25 December 2017 13:10)
thanx a lot lol

#7 Author: Patrizio Mameli (25 December 2017 22:05)
All I can say is FUCK YOU with your freedom of internet. You are all scumbags and i would love to meeg you in person.

#8 Author: James Hetfield (26 December 2017 18:17)
Y'know, "Patrizio" I used to listen to the music before I buy it. I buy it when I like it and have about 800 CDs in my collection. Thanks to the Internet I have many bands I haven't seen and heard before.

#9 Author: Speedball35 (26 December 2017 19:51)

#10 Author: Albert (27 December 2017 09:50)
Patrizio mameli if you dont like freedom of internet , go away becuse there is lot
Of people that just download and not buy cd ..that saves lots of money.

#11 Author: Albert croatia (27 December 2017 10:56)
Patrizio mameli , you cant go against freedom of internet , half of your Hadeon is
Boring and buying half good albums is not downloading saves money
And it is good for avoiding bad albums.

Sorry pestilence , there is no money for buying nice cars!!!

#12 Author: Adamastor (28 December 2017 16:54)
Death Metal is a niche genre. Fans of Pestilence will buy regardless. With download you may grab some new fans that wasn't familiar with them, and maybe they'll buy the record too. It's a great way to discover new bands.

It's hard to believe that some artists and record labels think that the old model, from the '70s and '80s still has a chance in 2018.

#13 Author: Kim (30 December 2017 11:32)
What the fuck.. It doesn't matter how you justify your downloads. It's illegal. If someone asks for it to be removed then just remove it! I may download music here as well but I am aware of it beeing illegal.

#14 Author: FileSharing (2 January 2018 09:42)
Actually it's not illegal. Further more here in Canada we pay a Blank Media tax. Check your facts before spouting off. I don't like mushrooms on my Pizza.. is that illegal too ? Oh and Patty.. welcome to the internet (apparently you just discovered piracy / file sharing)

#15 Author: Transhuman (26 January 2018 09:22)
Homecopy tax we have in the Netherlands here. So if i buy electronics i pay for stuff that may happen like downloads. Not to justify it's not illegal, but more like, we almost pay for anything at these days. The air we breathe is not taxed (yet)

#16 Author: moutonkiller (27 January 2018 12:31)
Downloading copyrighted material in Switzerland is totally legal too !
I spend enough money to go to concerts and buy a lot of t-shirt of metal band.

#17 Author: mfersa7 (27 January 2018 14:20)

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