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Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)
Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)

Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)

Genre: Melodic Death / Heavy Metal
Quality: mp3, CBR 320kbps (LE) / FLAC (img.cue.log) + Scans
Country: Sweden, Canada, USA

Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)

01. Handshake with Hell
02. Deceiver, Deceiver
03. In the Eye of the Storm
04. The Watcher
05. Poisoned Arrow
06. Sunset over the Empire
07. House of Mirrors
08. Spreading Black Wings
09. Mourning Star
10. One Last Time
11. Exiled from Earth
12. Into The Pit (Fight Cover) (Bonus Track)
13. Diamond Dreamer (Picture Cover) (Bonus Track)


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Also you can download Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022) here:

Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022) Arch Enemy - Deceivers (Limited Edition) (2022)

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#1 Author: MarxBane (8 August 2022 12:20)

#2 Author: Omid87b (10 August 2022 08:39)

#3 Author: Dretch (10 August 2022 13:02)
Just saw them last night! \m/

#4 Author: getmetal (13 August 2022 12:32)

#5 Author: Splendens (13 August 2022 12:53)
Thanks. am

#6 Author: kimkayoung (14 August 2022 07:56)

#7 Author: NotesforMetal (14 August 2022 10:44)
What a brett, you are totally crazy in a positive sense, to cover this extremely awesome number, the culmination of the whole thing would now be a duet with Rob Halford, then it would be legendary, whoever came up with this sensational idea in the band is a Ur Altee "FIGHT" number to cover, holy shit, mega strong thing, but I would have liked the chorus to be clear singing and the rest in the "GROWL" style, then it would definitely be a bit horny.
I celebrate you and this song and this strong kick in the ass

#8 Author: Sithiccus (14 August 2022 18:17)
If you wouldn't mind, what is the password?

#9 Author: MXDeathroll (14 August 2022 23:46)
Quote: Sithiccus
If you wouldn't mind, what is the password?

There should be no password. Which version's link did you open?

#10 Author: MXDeathroll (15 August 2022 00:08)
Last albums after the vocalists changing were rather empty and sad. So 3rd attempt.
The only hope is that Jeff Loomis brought a significant contribution to the album this time, he can create amazing stuff.

Upd: So, what we have here? Half of the album - good tracks and no true banger. Plus a bit more clean vocals. But fortunately less modern metal elements this time. Overall 3,9/5

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