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Soilwork - Övergivenheten (2022)
Soilwork - Övergivenheten (2022)

Artist: Soilwork
Country: Sweden
Genre: Melodic Death Metal (early); Metalcore, Melodic Groove Metal (later)
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps [CD Rip] + proof / FLAC (tracks) + proof


1. vergivenheten 5:45
2. Nous Sommes la Guerre 6:53
3. Electric Again 4:22
4. Valleys of Gloam 4:11
5. Is It in Your Darkness 4:04
6. Vultures 5:47
7. Morgongva/Stormfgel 1:33
8. Death, I Hear You Calling 4:41
9. This Godless Universe 4:41
10. Dreams of Nowhere 4:29
11. The Everlasting Flame 1:06
12. Golgata 4:59
13. Harvest Spine 5:10
14. On The Wings Of A Goddess Through Flaming Sheets Rain Of 7:31

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Also you can download Soilwork - Övergivenheten (2022) here:

Soilwork - Övergivenheten (2022) Soilwork - Övergivenheten (2022)

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#1 Author: getmetal (19 August 2022 04:46)
+ CD-Rip

#2 Author: getmetal (19 August 2022 04:47)
SOILWORK's new album "vergivenheten" will be released as a CD digi
featuring lavish hotfoil stamping and 20 page booklet.

Unlike the albums before, the creation process of "vergivenheten" was
very lengthy and a representation of the emotional state of the guys
from SOILWORK. Recorded at Nordic Sound Lab in Skara, Sweden again with
producer Thomas "Plec" Johansson, who also produced the last two
projects, the album was written and recorded over three sessions between
January and December 2021. There was no hurry to finish the album, which
meant on the other side that the band was able to reflect on their music
and savor the process of creating the album.

Musically, vergivenheten is the continuation of the SOILWORK legacy of
the last years. The approach was to make the album sound as organic as
possible. Therefore, among other things, acoustic elements have been
incorporated into the songs, which help to make the sound experience as
close and genuine as possible. The album is intended to give the feeling
of being in the middle of creating the energy and feeling the
atmosphere. To build this experience and, above all, to give the
listener the feeling of being right in the center of the bands creative
environment, balance was needed, something that the external
circumstances made difficult, especially due to the current situation in
the world.

#3 Author: Ricardo666Jesus (19 August 2022 13:25)
Great album indeed. Heavy & Melodic.
Some of the best melodies and chorus of the year.

#4 Author: Omid87b (19 August 2022 14:34)

#5 Author: mortuus (19 August 2022 14:52)
thanks fo rthis

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