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My Absence By Now - Bliss (2023)
My Absence By Now - Bliss (2023)

Artist:My Absence By Now
Album: Bliss
County: Italy
Genre: doom rock, atmospheric, post rock, female vocal
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps


01. Away (02:22)
02. A Place (05:32)
03. Vapour (03:47)
04. Saviour (03:38)
05. An Old Love (05:34)
06. Bliss (03:43)
07. Just Leave Me Then (02:52)
08. Behind (04:31)
09. Things (05:28)

The time for My Absence By Now debut album “Bliss” has come! My Absence By Now is the new child of the multi talented Italian musician Emiliano Santoro. Although Emiliano has already a long career into extreme music, this time he decided to explore new paths & unwalked landscapes and to experiment with new sounds. The result is an exemplary mix of dark synth which drags the listener’s feelings into a world where darkness contests the existence of the last faded sunbeams.

My Absence By Now is Emiliano Santoro (music & words).

Guest vocalists: Graziana Oddo, Andrea Maggioni.

MY ABSENCE BY NOW is an Italian project by Emiliano Santoro (also founder of doom/atmospheric post black metal/post rock Dead Summer Society and dark ambient Last Winter I Died, once guitarist in gothic/doom band How like a Winter), a musical entity where the mastermind wanted to explore new paths and experiment further.

As guest singers, Graziana Oddo (also singer in funky electronic band Elektrovice and once in rock electronic band Retina) and Andrea Maggioni (involved in several metal projects such as post black metal Icidar, funeral doom The Harrowing Yearning and technical deathcore Astral Emptiness) take part in the project.

MY ABSENCE BY NOW’s offer can be placed within the electronic dark synth ambient boundaries, but the soundscapes created are multiform, not easy to put in a specific genre: music is atmospheric and nostalgic, urban and cold, airy and dreamlike, melancholically caressed by female tunes but suddenly carved by harsh male vocals.

We could state that “Bliss” is your own, hidden place to contemplate your unstable sky, waiting for the brightness or the storm.


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Also you can download My Absence By Now - Bliss (2023) here:

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